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Gas Dryer

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Place of Origin:
Chongqing China (Mainland)
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Chongqing Anneng CNG Equipments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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  • Place of Origin: Chongqing China (Mainland)


1. Working pressure range: 0.3~0.5 MPa
2. capacity: 600-2000
3. Gas Dryer

The specification of Gas Dryer 

ModelGdT3200.5CSnatural gas dryer

Working Flow: 1300 N m3h

Media: natural gas (GB178208/Type)

Working pressure range: 0.30.5 MPa

Inlet temperature: ≤ 40

Inlet natural gas pressure dew point:

13 0.6 MPa

Single tower continuous working time:24 h

System design pressure: 1.0 MPa

Regeneration time: ≤ 68h

Absorbent:  4A molecular Sieve

Outlet natural gas atmosphere dew point: -62


Regenerative gas cooling mode: air cooling

Outlet natural gas filtration accuracy:

≤ 3 μm

Power: 380 V50 Hz14.9 KW

Protection degree: IP54

Thereinto: Electric heater power: 10.5 kw

Electric motor explosion-proof degree:

Exd BT4

Circulating fan electric motor power: 4.0kw

Regenerative gas heating temp.:



Cooling fan electric motor power: 0.37kw

Noise: ≤ 75 dB

Inlet and outlet initial pressure drop:

≤ 20 KPa


Inlet & outlet pipe diameter: φ89×4

Exterior dimensions:

 2900×1600×2108 mm


Weight: 2880 kg


Working mode: Two towers alternate water absorbing- regeneration, to supply gas continuously

Regeneration mode: automatically control closed circulation, heating regeneration, zero


Control mode: PLC programmable controller, digital display temperature controlling meter, automatic fault alarm

Switch mode: manual operated valve, manual operated switch over of two towers

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